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Laurie B. Morse

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Laurie B. Morse

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About Us

At Word Balm Tribe, we're bringing together thoughtful, big-hearted journalers to expand our perspectives and possibilities through community-supported personal writing practices so that we can joyfully nurture our emerging selves, trust our authentic voices in a noisy world, and courageously live from the inside out.  

Word Balm Tribe is created and facilitated by Laurie B. Morse, an avid journaler and private practice therapist.  Laurie interweaves therapeutic ideas and practices with her own personal experiences as a journaler to provide the frameworks, inspiration, and community connection you need to build an impact-filled, transformational personal writing practice.

Why You Should Join Us

With gentle guidance from you host, Laurie, and with the support of your fellow journalers, you'll be able to: 

  • Start, grow, or refine a journal practice that consistently brings joy and meaning to your life 

  • Participate in a weekly rhythm of reflection to help you integrate your journaling and your living in powerful ways

  • Expand your sense of self-worth and more effectively engage in self-care  

  • Live with greater intention, authenticity, flexibility and balance 

  • Discover resonance and unearth "aha" moments as you connect with others on the journaling journey with you

A Big Thanks

We're so glad you're ready to do something kind for yourself by investing in your journal practice and connecting with a caring community!  

You're in the right place, we can't wait to journal with you.  

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